Published on Bunkerspot - Oct 08, 2015
Asia-Pacific : New Asian bunker player denies any similarity with BMS United Bunkers

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‘We issued a press release to clearly state that United Asia has no link to BMS/UBT and we see no similarities between the brand of Brilliant Maritime Services United Bunkers & United Asia as we are two completely different names,’ United Asia Bunkering & Trading (UABT) tells Bunkerspot.

The new company announced it has entered into a long term agreement with the Barge Owning Subsidiary of PetroChina International (Hong Kong) Corporation Limited to term charter and operate as physical suppliers and barging operators in Hong Kong waters.

UABT confirmed that it has begun full operations with a barge capacity of 1,600 metric tonnes (mt) with plans to expand its barge fleet in the near future.

The company also revealed it had successfully registered with Hong Kong MARDEP and that it is ‘fully MARPOL compliant’ with cargo sourced from majors including Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Sinopec.

‘United Asia is operating as a pure physical supplier in Hong Kong, focusing only on supplying 380cst Fuel Oil (RMG380) and Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil (LSMGO),’ the company said. ‘The majority of our customers are small liner companies and marine fuel traders.’

The company, 100% privately owned by Singaporean Colin Wong, attracted attention last month when Wong’s former employers, United Bunkering & Trading (UBT) (now BMS United Bunkers) issued a statement distancing itself from UABT.

However, in a statement made to Bunkerspot today, UABT said it ‘saw no similarities’ between the two companies adding ‘we are two completely different names.’

BMS Bunkers did not share that view.

‘For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to clarify that there is no such association, connection or approval whatsoever between us and the…company United Asia Bunkering & Trading,’ BMS United Bunkers stated last month.

'Due to the similarities in name, colour scheme, logo and personnel between UBT and the said company, there is an implication or likelihood of confusion that the said company is associated with, connected to or approved by UBT,’ the statement read.

Responding to UABT’s statement regarding its name and branding, executive group director Lars Nielsen told Bunkerspot today:

‘I suppose we should feel flattered that they have chosen a name and branding which is so similar to ours, however, we would have appreciated if they had had the imagination to think of a different name considering that their management and our ex-management is the same.'

Nielsen would not be drawn on talk of legal action but confirmed that BMS United Bunkers ‘was considering our options.’